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 Commonly Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Commonly Asked Questions   Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:23 am

How do I join the pack?
It is pretty simple, but it takes several steps to complete.
1: Post your joining form/application here. Remember to read through the rules and guidelines to find the Secret Code which you need to join, and to be sure how we do things here.
2: Register on the site.
3: Wait for a administrator to accept your application and activate your account. Remember to check in, in case you messed up on your application so you can fix it up THEN get accepted.
4: Once accepted and logged in, post your character's biography. The guide/template for making biographies will pop up when you start a new topic. It is suggested that you add in a reference [a photo/picture] of your character in your biography.
5: Wait for your biography to be accepted by a administrator. Meanwhile, you can edit your profile.
6: Start RP as a Nomad or Castaway. [Ask a administrator which one is available for RP currently.] You can continue to RP as a Nomad/Castaway as long as you like, though if you wish to join a crew you have to meet the Captain of a ship. How that happens is decided through the course of RP.

Wolves don't have fingers or thumbs! How do they fire the cannons?
Though we don't have guns, rifles, or muskets, we do have swords and cannons. Our characters can't reload the cannons, so the cannons reload themselves: All the wolves have to do is aim, light, and fire away!

How do they use the swords and cutlasses?
It seems simple enough: They hold them in their mouths and just swing their heads this way and that and hope they hit something. Some may choose to fight the old fashion way: Tooth and claw.

Real wolves can't climb!
Well here, they can. They can climb the rigging and jump from one ship to another, but their agility ends there.

How do I get a ship of my own?
Every ship that is captured by one of our own it is given to the First Mate/Lieutenant, then to the Second Lieutenant if the First denies the promotion and so on. If the ship was captured by more of our Fleet (other allied ships) then a poll is put up, and the entire site votes who out of the Lieutenants will become the owner of that ship.
Another way to get a ship is to buy one at the Gold Shop.

How many characters can I have?
You can have up to three, though the second and third must be bought via Gold Shop or given to you for free by a Administrator if they feel that you are active enough.

What?! You can have a facial hair?
Yes, male characters here can have longer fur on their fur that looks similar to a beard or moustache. You can't have a Blackbeard without a black beard, can you? Fur length is normal other than the choice of having a beard/moustache.

When did you start creating Odyssey?
I, Shanty, first made the site on the 7th of September, 2013. Long time ago, huh? I didn't really start doing anything with the site until the beginning of 2014 and finished creating a basic pack, yet I did not release it since I did not exactly feel like releasing another pack. Somewhere near the end of February I had this brilliant idea: To create a pirate-themed pack and to combine it with an idea I had been dying to use in a pack: Have it be nomadic and explore the world. But thus, I did not get to make my dream a reality until after my birthday [June], where I slowly started to add to the pack whenever I felt like it or thought up something brilliant. One of these ideas was to base the pack in a big world event: The Napoleonic Wars, and another was to base it off the cultures of the real world. I took all my ideas quite literally, and instead of making them the pack's theme, it was it's whole plot. Most of my time I took thinking up what Shanty would look and act like. Only recently [late 2014, when this was written] did I really take interest and work hard on Odyssey, and I hope I can have the pack up and running and released on WolfQuest in the first few months of 2015.
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Commonly Asked Questions
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