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 Health and Energy ☠ Information

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PostSubject: Health and Energy ☠ Information   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:06 pm

Health is what keeps your character alive. Basically, it's how much "life" you have left. When attacked, sick or injured, your Heath goes down. To raise it, you're going to have to either be healed and tended to, or you can let it heal naturally.
If Health falls below 50, each day karma must be rolled to see if your character survives their wound/injury until their Health raises. If Health is below 100, Health Points will slowly be deducted. If Health is below 130, damage to enemies whilst fighting is halved.
To heal naturally, you have to have Energy.
Energy is what keeps your character moving and doing tasks, as well as the cost of healing naturally.
If Energy falls below 50, the damage you do during fighting and firing cannons is halved. If Energy falls below 30, 20 Health is decreased per day. 50 Energy is decreased per day no matter what.
Energy is raised by resting - of course - and eating and drinking daily.

  • Eating (1) Serving : 20 Energy
  • Drinking : 10 Energy
  • Sleeping : 20 Energy

- After eating 1 full serving, no more points towards Energy can be earned by eating that day
- 3 RP posts must have been posted by others during the time the character was sleeping for Energy to be earned

By drinking, I don't mean just water. Grog has it's uses, as a moral booster, to drown your sorrows, as a steriliser when cleaning a wound, and for making each other look like idiots. Here, it does all that and gives a little boost in the health.


  • Wine : Heals 1 per glass, gives 5 extra Energy
  • Rum : Heals 5 per glass
  • Brandy : Heals 5 per glass
  • Whiskey : Heals 5 per glass, gives extra 5 Energy

- Drink 10 of any and become DRUNKEN
- Drink 20 of any and become KNOCKED OUT

Now, whiskey may not be everyone's cup of tea - or glass of grog - and there may be injuries and wounds that a drink will simply won't fix. All wounds will be tended by the ship's doctor after battle, but sometimes you need someone a little bit more experienced in that particular type of wound. There is a healer in every port city and almost all inland towns, some more qualified than others. If you so choose, you can visit them.
Specialists are (normally) much better healers than a field doctor, a ship's medic or even a shaman, but they cost much more. The fleet's treasury may give you a boost if it's an emergency, but otherwise it's out of your own pocket.
Be wary of frauds, for one lurks in every continent.

Medical Attentions

  • Ship Medic : +10 Health per every 20 Skill Points in their Curative skill, free
  • Shaman / Witchdoctor : +70-85 Health, 100-200 Ⓖ
  • Doctor / Specialist : +90-100 Health, 200-500 Ⓖ

Thank you for reading through this guide, I hope it was helpful to you. This guide was created by Beta Head and is copyrighted to me [Beta Head]. Do not recreate or copy.
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Health and Energy ☠ Information
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