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 Ships and Cannons ☠ Information

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PostSubject: Ships and Cannons ☠ Information   Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:22 pm

Sizes and Stats of Ships
The minimum crewmen a ship needs onboard to get her moving [including her Captain], the maximum she can hold easily, the maximum of guns she can carry, her average speed and how much health a ship has before sinking to the depths of Davy Jone's Locker.

  • Small Ships / Two Decker : Sloops (2/17 crewmen minimum/maximum, 7 guns maximum, average speed 12 knots,  1,000 Health)
  • Medium Ships / Four Decker : Frigates (5/25 crewmen minimum/maximum, 23 guns maximum, average speed 14 knots, 2,000 Health)
  • Large Ships / Six Decker : Galleons (8/35 crewmen minimum/maximum, 31 guns maximum, average speed 8 knots, 3,000 Health)

*Bought ships only come with two 6 pounders. Other cannons must be bought.

A cannon does [insert amount of pounds the singular cannon is] damage to ship (or enemies, if canister or grapeshot is used). Example: A 18 pounder cannon, when fired correctly, will do 18 damage to a ship. When all cannons are fired at once on command of the Chief Gunman, they will do another +10 damage.
You can always replace/upgrade your ship, but they can only carry so many guns and what kind depending on their class and how many crewman the ship may have aboard.
You must roll the "Fire the cannons!" dice when you shoot a cannon. Cannons reload/ready themselves, all you have to worry about is getting the projectile in and firing.

  • 42 pounders - 500 gold each *Galleon only
  • 32 pounders - 350 gold each
  • 24 pounders - 200 gold each
  • 18 pounders - 180 gold each
  • 12 pounders - 150 gold each
  • 9 pounders - 100 gold each
  • 6 pounders - 60 gold each

Shot and Projectiles
Cannons will use up some of your ship's supplies when they are fired. The type of shot used will determine how much of your supply it will use up.
Different types of shot are useful for different things. For example, roundshot is best for drilling holes in a ship's hull, while canistershot is useful against boarding parties and getting rid of the gun team on the other ship. Some are duel purpose, therefore you could fire at whatever you please without having to change projectile.

  • Roundshot ("Cannonshot") : Average, typical iron cannonball used. Used against ships. (5 supply)
  • Canistershot ("Musketshot") : Lead musket balls put into a tin can used. Breaks apart when fired, thus causing a deadly type of grapeshot. Used against boarders and enemies. (5 supply)
  • Grapeshot : Small cannonballs packed tightly into a bag or sailcloth are used. Projectile breaks apart and can hit multiple enemies. Can be used against boarders, troops or other ships. (10 supply)
  • Chainshot : Two cannonballs linked together with chains are fired. Adds another +10 damage. Can be used against ships. (10 supply)

Thank you for reading through this guide, I hope it was helpful to you. This guide was created by Beta Head and is copyrighted to me [Beta Head]. Do not recreate or copy.
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Ships and Cannons ☠ Information
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