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 Skills and Talents ☠ Guide

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PostSubject: Skills and Talents ☠ Guide   Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:23 pm

Skills :
When you start off, you have 150 skill points [unless your character is below one year of age, which they only get 70 to divide and then 80 once they reach two years] to divide between three skills. These three skills are vital to your character's and their crew's survival. Without them, you are useless.
Attack - Combat/Hunting Skill : Every 5 points a wolf has in this grants them 1 damage - or "hit point" - when attacking. This does not count when using Cannons
Curative - Healing Skill : Every 20 points in this skill will add 10 health when healing. Skill must be above 80 to heal yourself.
Grace - Speed/Agility : Grace is needed to hunt and sometimes to fight. You need at least 20 Grace to dodge/block and you cannot dodge/block if your opponent has 50 more points in this skill than you do.

Please note that there must be at least 10 points in every skill

Talents :
Talents are special abilities that you earn, unlock or are born with [if you were born within the RP and had a parent that had that Talent]. They can be extremely useful, depending if you use it. You can have three Talents maximum, and often you cannot choose what you get apart from the one you join with.
Disciplined : Only -20 Energy decrease per day
Gunner's Luck : +10 Damage when using cannons
Sealegs : +5 Damage when at sea or on a ship/boat
Seasoned Hunter : +10 Damage when hunting for food
Skilled Swordsman : +10 Damage when fighting with a weapon
Magic Touch : +30 Health when healing another
Cat's Reflexes : Can dodge all opponents

Levels :
Level is gained by fighting, hunting and how many years your character has been at sea. Gaining a new level unlocks new weapons and activities for your character, and sometimes it increases their skills or gains them a Talent, depending what they spent it on at the Level Exchange. Listed below are ways to gain them.
  • Every 10 battles win a level is gained
  • Every 5 kills (wolf) a level is gained
  • Every 5 successful big hunts a level is gained
  • Every 10 small game or fish is killed a level is gained
  • Every ship captured a level is gained
  • Every promotion a level is gained
  • Every month spent at sea a level is gained
  • Every new land/sea explored a level is gained

Thank you for reading through this guide, I hope it was helpful to you. This guide was created by Captain Rora and is copyrighted to me [Captain Rora]. Do not recreate or copy.
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Skills and Talents ☠ Guide
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