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 Ships and Special Ranks ☠ Information

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PostSubject: Ships and Special Ranks ☠ Information   Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:46 pm

The Odyssey Flagship
Large sailing frigate with 19 24-pounders and a 12-pounder. 135 feet in length, roughly 20 cabins [not including Captain's Quarters] and three masts. In good order minus a few barnacles on the hull.

Captain :
The Captain is the owner of their ship and the master of their crew. They are the top dog onboard their vessel, unless there is an Admiral onboard or sometimes as Commodore.

  • Admiral Shanty Roland

First Mate :
The First Mate is the first of the Lieutenants and is the first one that a captured ship is offered to. The First Mate is the most trusted of the crew, or the one that is the most best at seeing that orders are followed, or has the best counsel that a Captain may seek.

  • Lieutenant --

Lieutenants :
The next in charge after the Captain. They make sure all the orders the Captain issues are followed and lead or take over when their Captain is absent.

  • 2nd : Lieutenant --
  • 3rd : Lieutenant --
  • 4th : Lieutenant --

Is in charge of making sure all duties on deck are fulfilled and all punishments met. They spot any issues and report them to their superiors as well as solve scuffles while not being attached to either contestant.

  • --

The navigator. The Coxswain steers the ship and takes the helm when the Captain or Lieutenants are busy. They always seems to know which way is the best when getting from A to B.

  • --

Chief of Riflemen
The one that is in charge of the cannons and directs when, how and where cannons are shot. They keep the cannons in ship shade when not being used and train up newcomers to how you shoot the great guns.

  • --

The ship medic/doctor; a healer of sorts. The Paramedic cares for the wounded and sick and takes injured off the battlefield during attacks.

  • Paramedic : --
  • Paramedic's Mate : --

The Carpenter is the "healer" of the ship, you could say. They take down and rearrange walls to make more cabins and they patch up the ship from where cannonballs hit her.

  • Carpenter : --
  • Carpenter's Mate : --

The one in charge of rations and grog. The Cook makes sure that the crew is fed and watered, as well as prepares special meals and dinners for celebrations and whenever the Captain feels like hosting one for their crew.

  • Cook : --
  • Cook's Mate : --

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Ships and Special Ranks ☠ Information
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