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 Mates, Marriage and Having Pups ☠ Guide

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PostSubject: Mates, Marriage and Having Pups ☠ Guide   Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:36 am

Here, we call mates "spouses" since a few other things are called mate and thus making it easier. Spouses are wolves that have been bonded by love and trust - not always at a Ceremony - and have decided to make that last forever by becoming Spouses. As Spouses they can have pups together or they could just live out the rest of their lives if they so choose. If a paring does not go well then the individuals can part via a "divorce" and go their own ways, perhaps taking another Spouse later on.
To take a spouse, they two RP'ers must agree out of RP first and then ask Shanty if they may become Spouses within the RP. If approved of, one of the couple will have to ask the other to be their spouse. If the other approves, then they can have a Ceremony if they so choose to officially become spouses.

Marriage Ceremony
The Ceremony as it's commonly called is essentially a wedding of sorts. The happy couple pick a place they want to be wed, be it at a prow of a ship fleeing the continent or on a quiet beach in the middle of nowhere, and choose someone to wed them. Normally it's someone who has high power or is dearly close to the two. Once that and the feast are arranged and prepared, the two pick who they want to come to their ceremony.
The day before the wedding, the bride spends a day with her female family and the ladies of her to-be-spouse's clan. She prepares herself for her big day, making sure she is clean and beautiful, sometimes picking out the odd accessory.
The bachelor, however, spends a day with the males of his and her families, generally conversing and getting blessings among them. Though sometimes a lady and gentleman may want to get marries right away and may ignore this step that most would consider vital to the outcome of the wedding.
So when all come down to the moment, the one that shall wed them stands at the front of the crowd that had come to see the wedding - if there is any at all - along with the groom. Once all is calm, the crowd shall split in two down the centre and from the walkway they made the bride shall walk. Once she has arrived next to the groom, they shall turn to the wed-master where they shall say, "We hath gathered here today to bond these two wolves, {GROOM} and {BRIDE}, as mates for life; spouses. What do you have to bring and offer {BRIDE}, {GROOM}?" The groom shall make a short list or speech of what he shall give, promise and offer his bride. The wed-master shall continue,  "And what do you, {BRIDE}, have to offer your betrothed?" The bride shall make a list or speech of what she shall promise and give the groom. "Does all approve of this joining? Speak now or forever hold your peace." This is where someone can object to the bonding of the couple. The wed-master, after a real-life day or until they are told to, continue, even if it is a double post. "So now, with no further adieu, with the power invested in me, I name you husband and wife; mates for life." Then all celebrate and move onto the feast and they shall eat until they can eat no more.

Once the couple had wed, the two may have pups. Only Spouses, male and female, can have pups together, but even they must ask permission from Shanty before they do so. For an Admiral to accept, the "parents" must be considered active, and they must agree to to take care of the pups: There shall be no tortured pups around here, and the pups cannot rely on the pack for food and love. Once a Admiral has approved, they can "mate" (no gory/detailed mating, the Reproduction dice must be used) in the RP. The dice will tell them how many pups they will have, if they were successful and if the pups are healthy.

Example of Mating Post[s] :
FEMALE sat quietly with MALE, leaning against his shoulder quietly, her paw barely touching his.  His fur intwined with her own as they snuggled before she opened her eyes again. "MALE, when are we going to have pups?" She asked, looking up at him. The thought had tickled her mind many a time, and she decided that now was the time to ask. She was not courteous with the question, but she asked straight out, even if many would consider it unladylike.

MALE twitched his ears as his mistress stirred. He hadn't noticed that he had been drifting off to sleep until he released his eyes were shut. His eyes blinked open at once when her question reached his ears. "What?" He asked, drawing himself up, looking deep into FEMALE's olive eyes searchingly. He had not thought that she wanted children, though he secretly wanted them too. He tried to hide his excitement. "Really?" He tried not to show his pup-ish smile.

FEMALE only nodded, smiling softly at MALE's attempt to hide his joy and relief that she too wanted a few little devils running around. "Mmhmm. I've been dreaming of being a mother since I was a girl." She said softly, getting to her feet. She briskly licked her lover on the cheek and rubbed her neck against his shoulder before drawing away, the light smile still plastered on her face. *Rolls Reproduction dice*

The gestation period [when the mother is pregnant] can vary in time. The pups can be born almost as soon as all the pups have RP'ers [it must have been at least a week in real-life from when the couple had mated], to a month in real-life, RP'ers or not. During the time the female is pregnant, she will grow larger and larger around the stomach, she will crave food more than ever and will display mood swings. When the time grows near, she will seek out a personal place or seek out the Paramedic. There she will stay and rely on others to bring her food.

When her time has come, the plump female will birth [no gory birthing]. If a pup doesn't have a RP'er, they will be born as a stillborn/dead. For the pups that have survived, the mother must guide them to her teats so they can suckle her milk. After one RP day, the pups may open their eyes, hear, and start learning to talk. Another two and they can start visiting the outside world and venture out of the den with their mother. Another three RP days and they will be weaned from milk and starting on soft food. Two more days and they are eating real meat and fish and harder foods, can be left alone by their mother for hours and can start training and learning skills.

Thank you for reading through this guide, I hope it was helpful to you. This guide was created by Beta Head and is copyrighted to me [Beta Head]. Do not recreate or copy.
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Mates, Marriage and Having Pups ☠ Guide
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