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 In The Beginning | WIP

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PostSubject: In The Beginning | WIP   Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:48 am

Peregrine [?] D. Jones was just a mere pup when he was taken from his home and family and tossed into the ranks of the Royal Navy. He spent many a year on the sea, almost never seeing his family and had no one else but his fellows and superiors. He grew up onboard a ship, eventually the wide open ocean became his home. He developed a wanderlust of sorts, and pined after casting off the chains of society for which he had never had a taste for, instead wishing to explore the world as a free wolf... And one day, that wish came true.

1: A small band of pirates were spotted off to port by the lookout who answered with a broadside that even rivalled that on their own crew. The battle was long and hard, scurvy and illness having recently weakened their own numbers and the band of privateers quickly overcoming with superiority in both strategy and ferocity. Jones was one of the only survivors and was taken prisoner by the enemy while they raided their cargo for food and treasure.

Jones spent his time scrubbing the poop deck or keeping watch, however begrudgingly in the beginning. Eventually he grew to like the jolly scurvy-riddled bunch made up outcasts and those bitter against society. Apart from the captain of the crew... He was a shaggy, thick-set fellow and was mean as a IDK

2: A small band of pirates were spotted off to port by the lookout who answered with a broadside that even rivalled that on their own crew. The battle was long and hard, the pirates proving them a worthy foe but soon enough they were overcome as boarders cut them down. Jones' captain assigned his second hand, Lieutenant Kingston to bring the ship to port along with Jones and another of his aides with their prisoners onboard.

Midway, Jones was attending the captive pirates whom were likely to be executed upon arrival to England. He gave them water, but as he did so a buccaneer whom claimed to have been the first mate whispered dark things inside Jones' ear. Apparently their captain had been killed in the midst of battle, and his fellows wished for revenge. He urged Jones to loosen their chains so they could retake the ship, and promised the young midshipmen the title of captain should they prevail.

Jones had never more enjoyed himself than on that day, when he cut down many of his own fellows and showed himself a worthy privateer. As promised, they made Jones their captain and they hailed him as if a king for his deeds, although not without hesitation beforehand for which the first mate chided them for. After all, he had saved them from the noose which they would've no doubtably found themselves in.

But one dark night when no one but the watch were awake a shadowy figure slipped into the Captain's Cabin with knife wielded. A floorboard creaked, Jones' eyes flung open. The two squabbled for what seemed like an hour before the captain disarmed and dispatched the attacker, only to realised too late that it had been the first mate who now laid breathless and still upon the oaken floor.

From then on the pirate gang looked upon Jones with much more respect, them even calling him "Davy Jones" eventually out of both respect, fear and playfulness. He became more scraggily and older in appearance, scruffy fur around his face already greying and gaining scars from battles over his eyes, muzzle and flank. The crew adopted the ways of the navy due to their captain's upbringing and became one of the most feared ships at sea for several years.

Until their captain grew ill...

A nameless female had joined their grew by then, her fur yellowing with grime and soot and her eyes a unearthly colour of ruby. Her fellows had nicknamed her Shanty for her enthusiasm in the working songs, often the one chanting out for the others to join her. She had quickly risen through their ranks, soon finding herself in a comfy position right next to the Captain himself as his first Lieutenant, well liked among the crew. As the Captain's health deteriorated she took charge, much to many of the crew's disapproval. As he grew weaker and she grew stronger, an uprising slowly brewed. Mutiny would no doubtably follow.

The next morning a storm came and everyone was preoccupied with battening down the hatches, taking down the sails and bucketing water that by when it went away no one had noticed that Davy Jones had vanished. No sign of him was left but the epaulettes of which he once wore. Many believed it was assassination by the design of a certain albino, other thought he threw himself overboard in the confusion and that he most likely drowned but Shanty didn't believe any of it. No, he couldn't be dead, not the great Captain. But nonetheless the task of leading the band of seadogs would fall to her, much to the displeasure of many, most of which abandoned ship and left during the night. Other trying to get back at the new captain who soon found themselves defeated, most likely at the bottom of the ocean once the new captain was done with them. She found herself unwilling to trust many, and those whom she doubted she marooned or ruthlessly disposed of until there were very few left. Those of which were loyal were few, but only those found themselves spared. However, do they doubt the capability of the new captain, or does she doubt herself? Only time can tell where fate brings them, or if they survive the aftermath of this mutiny...
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Triple Digit

Triple Digit

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PostSubject: Re: In The Beginning | WIP   Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:43 pm

This is gorgeous
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PostSubject: Re: In The Beginning | WIP   Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:28 am

All bow to my superior superiorness ✮3✮

[I'll probably delete these replies later, btw xD]
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PostSubject: Re: In The Beginning | WIP   

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In The Beginning | WIP
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