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 Rules [Work In Progress]

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PostSubject: Rules [Work In Progress]   Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:08 am

Mature/violent/gory/cuddly soft teddy bears content is strictly prohibited on these forums. An immediate ban will be given for those who break this rule. Since this RP is for roleplayers 10 years and above, foul or strong language is highly discouraged, and overuse of such shall not be tolerated.

Do not harass other members in any form. Bullying is not tolerated here and will lead to an immediate ban: Respect is key. If you see any behaviour of this sort, please take a screenshot of it and send it to a moderator immediately, they will deal with it from there. Be as friendly and welcoming as possible and avoid conflict or quarrel. Respect others and their opinions.

All content such as guides, threads and topics, contests, posts, information, maps, pictures, character, stories, biographies, etcetera, are all copyrighted (©) of their rightful owners. Do not recreate or copy anything you find on this site without permission from the owner/creator first. If denied, you are not to quarrel or retaliate. (Secret Code: Gennypocolypse)

Moderator's word is law. Do not retaliate or argue with them. If they ask you to correct something so it follows the rules or guidelines, please do so. By refusing to do so you shall be breaking yet another rule.

For safety and privacy reasons, please keep outside problems off of the site and keep personal information such as your address, phone number, photos of yourself and face, etcetera, to yourself.

Do not impersonate a Moderator/Administrator. Permission must be given by a Administrator to create new guides, change things around site, deleting or banning members and accounts, or make new RP topics.

Please at least try to use proper english and grammar while using this site. Do not spam smileys, use "t3xT spek" or colours that are hard to read, and always use grammar symbols (.?!,':") when posting and messaging on this site. Mistakes are understandable and there are some exceptions, especially for the chat and members who's first language is not english.

Do not bother joining the pack if you know you cannot be active and post every week. If you know are going to be absent for a period (up to six months), ask for a EFA (stands for: Excuse For Absence). Without an EFA, within a few months of not logging in, your account shall be deactivated and moved to the Vistor group (don't worry, you can always rejoin in the Joining Thread, though after three times of going inactive like this without you being an Official Member, you will no longer be allowed to join).  Although we are a fairly relaxed pack, you will still be required to post in the RP every fortnight (two weeks), preferably every day or so, and log in every week.
When on EFA, it is suggested that you make your character fall asleep in RP or at least make sure they are currently not included in any events, conversations or hunts while you are gone. If you leave the pack it is strongly advised that you make your character either leave or kill them off somehow.

We stride to create a somewhat realistic and fun RP experience. Thus, there are some limitations on creativity to keep our RP from going to the sparkle dogs. No colour changing pelts or eyes, growths (such as horns, antlers, wings, hair/manes, extra limbs/tails/heads, etcetera), rainbow (bright yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, etcetera) fur colours, supernatural characters (gods, angels, demons, supermassive/small characters (on average, adult wolves measure 105–160 cm (41–63 in) in length and 80–85cm/32–34in in shoulder height and weight 38.5 kilograms (85 lb), crazy lab creations, etcetera), and other overpowered and unrealistic characters.

Do not post long links or large pictures that stretch the page or double post (exceptions may be made during the RP if no one has replied within the month). This is considered spam, and we do not look kindly upon it here. Please use the "Edit" feature if you must add something to your post or simply wait for someone to reply.  If you must double post please ask for permission from a Moderator prior.

You must not control other character except your own - in your own account - within RP. This is considered "godmodding" and it is frowned upon here. (To prove that you really have read all of the rules, put this in the Joining Application where it says 'Se.cret Co.de' instead of the first code: "#InnerOldMan" ) To play as another character you must have earned enough trust and seniority and you must prove active before you are offered the privilege of a second or third account/character.

All posts out of character must be at least two or three words long and RP posts must be at least a paragraph (50 words, about five sentences) long. You shall be kindly asked to correct your post otherwise.

Please use the dice when they are required. Dice are a "randomisation system" mainly used for when you are hunting, to determine if you catch your prey or not. Using dice give us chances for different outcomes that we may not be expecting while we RP. Everyone must use them, to make RP'ing realistic, interesting, and fair, especially in fights.

Your avatar (profile picture) must be of your character as a reference of sorts. It must include at least their head and/or face.

Registering and posting on the site is a requirement of joining the pack. We are a forum-based RP, and our main RP is here on the site. Should you fail to register on the site within a month, your application shall be ignored. Same goes for if you fail to post within a month of registering.

Follow these simple rules and you're sure to go far, make many friends and have a brilliant time with us here. These laws are what make our community run smoothly, and are what make everything clean and enjoyable for everyone.

This guide was written by Captain Rora and is (©) copyrighted to it's creator. Do not recreate or copy.
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Rules [Work In Progress]
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