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 Pirate's Glossary ☠ Information

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PostSubject: Pirate's Glossary ☠ Information   Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:38 am

The very basics that you must know to be a sailor or pirate alike.
Port : Left, or a harbour
Starboard : Right
Aft : Towards the stern
Fore : Towards the bow

The Ship:
Be sure to familiarise yourself with this knowledge. Click here for a diagram of a typical sailing frigate.
Stern : The back of the ship
Bow : The front of the ship; Prow
Mizzen : The stern-most mast
Mainmast : The middle mast
Foremast : The mast at the front of the ship
Forecastle : A upper deck in front of the foremast, nearest to the bow; For'c'sle
Poop Deck : The highest deck at the stern of a large ship, usually above the captain's quarters
Quarter Deck : The aft part of the upper deck of a ship
Hull : The body of the ship
Keel : The front part of the hull that cuts through the water
Bilge : The filthy, musty space within the hull where water collects when a leak springs. Or, "foolish talk"
Crow's Nest : A platform near the top of a mast where a lookout keeps watch for sails or land; Fighting Top
Gangplank : A wooden ramp or board used to board other ships or a pier
Helm : The "steering wheel" of the ship. Controls the rudder
Rudder : A flat wooden board at the stern of a ship that dips into the water and is used for steering. The rudder is controlled at the helm
Rigging : The ropes and chains used to control the ship's sails and can also be used to access the fighting tops
Scuppers : Openings along the edges of a ship’s deck that allow water on deck to drain back to the sea rather than collecting in the bilge
Scuttle : A small opening or hatch, with a movable lid, in the deck or hull of a ship

Items and Objects:
A quick description of some weapons and objects that you may not know about.
Spyglass : A looking glass; Telescope
Cutlass : A long, slightly curved sabre/sword used around the 1800s
Scimitar : A somewhat short blade that begins thinner at the hilt before growing thicker and ending in a unique shape
Rapier : A long, thin sword, a weapon favoured by seamen.

Terms and Sailor's Talk:
Some slang and terms you mightn't be familiar with.
Ahoy : A call of greeting or to draw attention to something
Aye : Yes
Maroon : To leave/abandon on a island
Marooned : To be stranded
Moor : To make port
Motherload : A whole lot of treasure, wealth or such
Mutiny : When a group upraise and rebel against authority
Nah : No
Nay : No
Give No Quarter : No mercy
Parley : A conference or discussion between opposing sides during a dispute
Pillage : To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; Plunder
Sealegs : A term referring to being able to stand on a ship without falling over or being seasick
Swab : To clean
Ye : You

Some words you can use instead of "wolf", "male", "female" and "pirate" that roughly mean the same thing.
Pirate : A outlaw that plunders ships; Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, Corsair, Marauder, Privateer, Seadog, Officer, Sailor
Female : A feminine; Lady, Mistress, Lass, Maiden, Maid, She-Wolf
Male : A masculine; Lad, Fellow, Chap
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Pirate's Glossary ☠ Information
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