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 Species and Breeds ☠ Information [WIP]

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PostSubject: Species and Breeds ☠ Information [WIP]   Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:11 am

Tundra Wolf Canis lupus albus

Fleet's Population Limit : 0/50 wolves
Range : Russia
Description : Large, pale coloured wolves with normally stocky builds, long, fluffy fur and little to no markings. Brown and grey are the most common eye colours, though green and blue aren't rare.

Arctic Wolf Canis lupus arctos

Fleet's Population Limit : 0/30 wolves
Range : Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, Northern Canada
Description : Small to medium sized wolves with pale, long, silky pelts and tall, thinner builds. Eye colours tend to be dark, brown being the most common.

Eastern Timber Wolf Canis lupus lycaon

Fleet's Population Limit : 0/30 wolves
Range : North America, South Canada
Description : A medium to large species with tall or lithe builds. Pelt colour ranges from ruddy, brown, tan, cream, white, black, and grey with brown or golden eyes. Common markings include russet on the top of the snout and ears, and cream or white around the face. Fur length and texture differs, normally shorter though fairly long during winter.

Eurasian Wolf Canis lupus lupus

Fleet's Population Limit : 0/70 wolves
Range : Most of Eurasia, North America, Australia
Description : A medium to large species with strong, stocky builds and shorter, brown, ochre and cream fur with normally pale coloured eyes, though pretty much any colour is possible. Markings that are often seen among Eurasian Wolves would be a darker colour on their heads, a russet on their ears and muzzle, cream around the mouth and cheeks as well as in their ears and on the chest. Black specks on the back are common as well as a pale underside and black tail tip.

Arabian Wolf Canis lupus arabs

Fleet's Population Limit : 0/70 wolves
Range : Persia
Description : Arabian Wolves are tiny, lithe creatures, coming mainly in browns with some tan and cream and black. Their eyes are mainly dark brown or gold, and their fur silky, length changing with the seasons.
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Species and Breeds ☠ Information [WIP]
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